About me

I discovered a passion for woodworking for a few years now. This passion led me to make high-end cutting boards of different type of hardwood. I work mainly with maple, bird eyes maple, cherry and black walnut because of their contrast and hardness. Each type of wood has unique qualities and is distinguished by their own grain which, treated with art, confers a natural beauty.

Material, passion and patience are the three ingredients needed to make beautiful cutting boards. I strive to make boards of good quality; each piece is work meticulously in order to reveal the beauty and warmth of the wood.

Over the years, I've added some unique accessories such as bread knife, spatula and cheese knife. The cheese knife is perfect for use by any child who wants to help mom and/or dad prepare the meal.

During a good gourmet meal, you can charm your guests by using a board to present charcuteries, vegetables, tapas, etc.

I leave it to you to consult my photos in order to appreciate the beauty of the blends of wood essences that will become, I hope, a key accessory in your kitchen.

Kind regards,

Mario Laurin

De l'arbre à votre table